Your bottles. Our screen printing.
The perfect pairing.

With new, innovative techniques at your disposal, paper labels can be a thing of the past. Because here, at Glassprint, we have more interesting ways for you to tell your story on the shelves.

Our specially-adapted screen printing process lets you print 360° around your bottles—giving you more room to share your vision. And because it’s all digital artwork, you can make as many design changes as you like–before we start printing, of course. Which is great if you need to tweak your label for different export requirements, or you just really like to drive your designer mad.

“You’ll have more freedom to decide when and how you’d like to label your bottles.”

Plus, our revolutionary heat-free printing process doesn’t damage the liquid inside, so you can print after you’ve bottled your wine, which is great for those winemakers who really like to wing it. You’ll have more freedom to decide when and how you’d like to label your bottles.

It might be the first, second or seventeenth step in your process—it doesn’t bother us. And while screen printing adds a premium element to your bottle design, it’s one of those rare processes that looks expensive, but actually isn’t. Cheers to that.

360º screen printing.

We screen print on filled bottles.

From 100ml to 6L screen printing.

Minimum print run of 144 bottles.