More than just screen printing


Bottles and glassware that stand out from the crowd.

At Glass Print Solutions we know a great product can be sold short if it doesn’t make an amazing first impression. Whether you need amazing packaging to make your bottled products stand out from the crowd, or the right Spiegelau and Riedel glassware to showcase your wines - we can help.

Glass Print Solutions was initially created in 2003 to provide unique, eye catching screen printed labels for the many boutique wineries based in and around the Adelaide Hills. Using a unique screen printing process, we were able to apply ink labels directly onto cylindrical glass containers. A purpose-built, climate-controlled facility enabled us to print after bottling, keeping both the wine and the specialised glass ink at optimal temperatures.

As our business grew we soon discovered the need to extend our

services to more than just printing and we now also offer wax capping, capsule spinning, tissue wrapping and application of stickers to enhance the final product. Not to mention our ability to print on glassware, which many cellar doors and restaurants are keen to use in the branding of their own business.

With clients from all over Australia our dedicated team at Glass Print Solutions love what we do and always strive to make sure the final product is something to be proud of!


Our specially-adapted screen printing process lets you utilise a larger print area than paper labels, so you can dream big when it comes to creating striking graphics for your product. Think unusually shaped labels, multiple colours, graphics meant to be seen through transparent liquid or even designs that wrap right around the bottle. What better way to create a brand that leaps off the shelf?

Screen printing is the ideal way to create practical, beautiful packaging solutions. At Glass Print Solutions we have perfected the unique process of printing onto glass after bottling, which means you only print what you need now. This is great news for your cash flow, but also allows you the flexibility to change the label details as needed - without intrusive over-stickers.



As agents for Riedel and Spiegelau we carry a small range of glassware you can buy directly from our warehouse or we can help you open a wholesale account and order any glass in the Australian imported range. Specialising in winery and cellar door sales you will need an ABN and liquor licence to access the wholesale pricelist. Use the link below to view our glassware range or call us to discuss your options in detail.

View our glassware range


We’ll take delivery of your bottled product and transform it into a complete, retail-ready package. All finishing is carried out at the Glass Print premises by our own staff, which means no double-handling - so you save time and money.

Finishing options include: wax dipping, capsule spinning, neck label application, sticker application, tissue wrapping and gift boxing.



Our climate-controlled facility and heat-free printing process mean we can print directly onto full bottles without affecting the integrity of the product within.

We specialise in the handling of full wine bottles, and the constant temperature of our warehouse allows us to store your wine safely both before and after printing.