How can we help you?

  • What is the minimum quantity for an order?

    750ml bottles our minimum print quantity is 144 (12 dozen). 

    1.5L & 3L bottles - minimum print quantity is 24 bottles.

    6L bottles - minimum print quantity is 12 bottles.

    Sample runs - minimum quantity is 12 bottles, maximum quantity is 24 of the same bottle type.

    Glassware - minimum print quantity is 72 (6 dozen).

  • What ink colours can you print?

    We can print almost any colour you like including metallics and faux etch finishes, and can colour-match to existing samples or to Pantone colours. Some colours can be less successful on coloured glass, and we are more than happy to discuss the most effective colours for your job.

  • Can you print multiple colour designs?

    Yes we can, however the quality of the glass bottle and your artwork design will determine how successful this is. We may request to see a sample of the glass bottle as well as the design prior to printing so we can advise if any artwork changes are needed to ensure a perfect label.

    Each colour is printed separately using a screen printing process so the more complicated the design and colours the more time consuming and costly the final label may be.

    We are unable to print multiple colours on glassware.

  • What bottle shapes can you print on?

    We specialise in cylindrical containers and cannot print on square shaped bottles or flat surfaces. Reverse taper, claret or burgundy bottles all print well. Other bottle shapes are possible but may require specific artwork manipulation to get the best results. Please email us an image of your bottle or the bottle specifications if you would like us to provide design advice.

  • What bottle sizes can you print?

    Any size cylindrical glass bottle from 375ml to 9L can be printed on our machines.

  • Can you do a sample print run?

    Depending on your project, we may be able to do this. Our minimum fee for a one colour sample print run is $250 (plus GST, minimum of 12 and maximum of 24 of the same bottle type).

  • Can you engrave bottles/glassware?

    No - we screen print artwork onto glassware and bottles and do not provide etching or engraving services. However, we can print your artwork in a semi-transparent white ink we call 'Etch Imitation', which mimics the frosted look of traditional etching.

  • Can you print on glasses I supply myself?

    The glassware we sell has been specifically chosen for its quality and ability to print well on our machines therefore, we do not print on glassware supplied by customers unless it meets our quality standards. Please call us to discuss your options.